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CE UL CAS Beverage Bottle Packaging Machine Gravity Filling 50HZ / 60HZ 1500W

iyi kalite Can Ambalaj Makinesi satış için
iyi kalite Can Ambalaj Makinesi satış için
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CE UL CAS Beverage Bottle Packaging Machine Gravity Filling 50HZ / 60HZ 1500W

Çin CE UL CAS Beverage Bottle Packaging Machine Gravity Filling 50HZ / 60HZ 1500W Tedarikçi

Büyük resim :  CE UL CAS Beverage Bottle Packaging Machine Gravity Filling 50HZ / 60HZ 1500W

Ürün ayrıntıları:

Place of Origin: China
Marka adı: SPC
Sertifika: CE
Model Number: PEIYU

Ödeme & teslimat koşulları:

Minimum Order Quantity: negotiate
Fiyat: negotiate
Packaging Details: Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 45work days
Supply Ability: 12000bph to 36000bph
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Detaylı ürün tanımı
Material Type: Liquid Filling Valve Head: Multi-Head
Filling Principle: Gravity Filling Speed: 12000 Bph to 36000bph
Sertifika: Ce UL CAS Material: S/S 304

CE UL CAS Beverage Bottle Packaging Machine Gravity Filling 50HZ / 60HZ 1500W


General description

water bottling line combiblock consists of blowing unit, filling unit, and capping unit. With the synthetic application of electricity, mechanics, and pneumatics, and synchro controlled by servo system, Combi is applicable for the integrated control of several equipment and the whole production process. It doesn't need empty bottle conveyor and rinsing part of the traditional filling machine, which saves a lot of room for the production plant, reduces water consumption from rinsing and energy consumption from fans usedon empty bottle conveyor. It cuts a majority part of transit and guarantees the overall hygiene standard of the entire machine, whichbetter helps end users increasing the overall production efficiency, lowering investment costs, saving energy consumption and maintenance costs.



Preform feed-in and unscrambling


It adopts the matured worldwide-standardized way of preform feed-in and unscrambling, in which preforms go through preform elevator and are transmitted to preform unscrambler. Inside the preform unscrambler, preforms are automatically sorted and delivered by two inclined revolving cylinders with same speed, and the remaining ones will be picked by star wheel and sent back to preform hopper. The whole process of preform unscrambling is fully automatic and has high efficiency without preform scratches.
There are six infrared heating tubes adopting the best heating technic with bottleneck underneath. It reduces heat going upwards which damages bottleneck.
At the heating area, there are finely designed air flow technics, cooling water tunnel for bottle neck, and air cooling protection device, which provide thorough protection to bottle neck.
Heating tube temperature and preform temperature are transferred to PLC through oven temperature sensor and infrared thermodetector, and the actual temperature can be displayed and set at computer screen. By using PID function, each layer of heating tube power can be adjusted in order to achieve the best heating temperature curve for the preform.
The new designed modular heating oven adopted structural advantages from different overseas manufacturers, and installed specially designed extra-long short wave infrared heating tube for the optimization of spectral wavelength and reflectance coating. It increased reflection efficiency, and heating oven becomes more energy-saving, also more convenient for installation and maintenance.
Optimizing and adjusting air flow of the heating area increases heating stability. Moreover, the unique three-way air tunnel cools the preform body, bottle neck and preform holder with different amount of cooling air, which effectively protects bottle neck damages.
Blowing unit
Special manipulator delivers heated preforms to moulds along certain cam curve. After stretch pre-blow, the preform will be blown to bottles by connecting high pressure compressed air. Special manipulator sends the finished bottle out along certain cam curve.
Use rangeFood: Snack, candy, sugar, beans, chips, frozen food, sticky food, salad, pet food
Non food: small screws, buttons, nails, toys
Weight range:8g-1500g/dump
Max speed60bags/min
Weight accuracy±1g
Buckets10pc 1.5L weighing buckets
Operate language English, France, Spanish, Hungary, Germany, Finland.
Drive By step motor
voltage110V, 220V, 50/60HZ
Net weight/gross weight260kg/330kg
Machine size95x95x100cm
Packing size108X108X124cm


Suit for: OPP/CPP, CPP/PE, MST/PE and other types of heat sealing film
The touch-sensitive screen can display the state of machine, operation in struction and the state of breakdown in either Chinese and English, easy operation

It has a compact structure and every component has been made carefully, and the touching part of material are made by stainless steel

For guaranteeing stable ling-term operation of the machine, electrical equipments and pneumatic equipments are all made by famous manufacturers of the world

The date printer has an alarming equipment of no ink belt, without escaping printing.

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